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16 May 2006

If I Decided to Talk to Clouds

If I decided to talk to clouds, I would have had plenty to talk to for the last week. Not only have we had rain and overcast skies, when the rain stops for breath, the lake exhales a cloud of fog.

I live in Michigan, that vaguely mitten-shaped peninsula you can see in the US even on a globe of the Earth, even in satellite photos. And I live on the west side of the peninsula. Thus "the lake" can only refer to Lake Michigan. If someone here lives on one of Michigan's 11,000 (or 35,000, depending on who is counting) inland lakes, they call Lake Michigan "the big lake".

The Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab has webcams with eight views of Lake Michigan. When I was chained to a desk in an office cubicle working full-time, I used to keep one of these open in the background, so I could click on it for a refreshing view of waves breaking over the lighthouse, or boats going up and down the channel.

I have knitted about half of the three repeats I planned to do for the graphed cloth. Now I am thinking about knitting a fourth to make the cloth more square.

I haven't knitted anything on the gray Pi. I have some black and some green Shetland wool I could use, and I am thinking about taking the wool warp off my small tapestry loom and maybe putting some card-weaving on it instead.

The only other knitting I have "just sitting" is a leaf bookmark in ecru linen.

I am starting to feel a bit cabin-feverish after a week of rain! I'm ready to go back outside and work in the yard now! (Do you think those clouds are listening? They are certainly low enough to the ground.)

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