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10 May 2006

Very Little Knitting

Ajax's vet appointment Monday went well. He has lost about 3 pounds since last year, so now he "only" weighs 110.7 pounds, down from a high of 118 two years ago. He is a very friendly, social, fearless dog, and gave the vet and her assistants little trouble when they drew blood and gave him two shots. (That is, he doesn't growl or snap -- he just tries to get away.)

My vet is now using a three-parasite blood screen that tests for heartworm, the Lyme disease parasite Borrelia burgdorferi, and another tick-borne parasite, Ehrlichia spp.. I was happy to hear that all three were negative, as ticks are coming out, yuck. And I bought Frontline and more heartwormer for both dogs.

When I said, "Very little knitting,"
I meant size, :) not quantity. I played with the 5-0 knitting needles I bought Monday. I have a whole net bag full of old "SanSil" pearl cotton that I can probably knit with these.

I gauged my new 5-0 Lacis needles against the Havel's tatting needles that I bought to use as knitting needles. The 5-0 knitting needles fall right between the #6-0 and #7 tatting needles. That is, from thinnest to thickest, they are #7 tatting needle, 5-0 knitting needle, #6-0 tatting needle.

How do you gauge a needle when your gauge stops at "000"? I use a piece of paper, and push the needle straight through. If the second needle goes easily into the hole, I make a hole with that needle, and try the first one against the second one's hole.

I am not as pleased with the short 4-inch 4-0 needles as I had hoped. My hands are on the large side, and when I hold the 4-inch needle in a comfortable working position, the tip of the needle is poking me in the palm of the hand, in the crease just below my little finger. However, I can still see a use for them in starting a doily center -- I just have to be careful that I am not stabbing myself!

My only regrets from the trunk show: now I wish I had bought some more of the long 4-0 knitting needles!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I thought I saw something about a chair caning workshop in the Grand Rapids, MI area, so I did an internet search and your site popped up. There are several people I work with who are interested in having chairs recaned or learning to do it themselves. Where are you located, and do you cane chairs for people or teach caning classes?? Thanks, Amy Cone

11:21 AM  

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