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30 April 2006

Equal Time for Ajax

If you scroll down to the picture of a sleeping Truffles, you can see how much bigger Ajax is. At last weighing, he was 113 pounds!

The white thing by his head is his food dish, which he carefully carries through the house after eating and drops somewhere. In this case, he dropped it, licked it thoroughly in case any more food had appeared in it, then laid down and put his head on it, staring at me soulfully, hoping I would refill it. Finally he turned his head and went to sleep.

Here is the knitting in today's post. My husband loves purple, so after the success of the other dishcloth, I asked, "Can a dishcloth be purple?" and he said, "Sure!" The purple is South Maid crochet cotton left over from the "endless" belt, and the shaded purple-and-white is vintage J & P Coats Knit-Cro-Sheen, fresh out of the ball band. I had never used the ball of Coats because at the top, the white parts were discolored slightly yellow on one side. This won't matter in a dishcloth, so it is finally getting knitted up. My stash of crochet cotton is looking less monumental now that I have a use for some of it!

This is what we did this weekend: Windmill Island is open for the season!

We happened to visit on a rainy day, so there were very few other people there. The tulips were mostly open already, except for some of the late varieties. Our local weather forecast is for mostly cool and overcast, even rainy weather this week, which should keep the tulips in good shape for the start of "Tulip Time" this weekend.

Tulip Time is a week-long festival of parades, "klompen dancing", and thousands of tourists flooding into Holland, Michigan, to see the tulips in bloom. I remember it as starting in the middle of May, but after several years of the "Holland Stem Festival", the organizers have moved it up to the beginning of May.

I can testify that the tulips were just beautiful this weekend!


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