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28 April 2006

We've Struck Cardboard!

It doesn't look much different from yesterday. I wanted to do one of those Unst-style edgings, where you switch from knitting in the round to knitting a-round, and pick up one stitch of the center as you go. However, I don't think there is enough thread left on the ball to do that, now that I have only one layer on part of the cardboard center.

I let this simmer in my brain for most of yesterday, and didn't do much knitting on it other than to finish the last row of the baby fern pattern and a plain row after. And it's still simmering in there today. I'm not sure I want to just cast off, but I can't get too fancy or I'll run out of thread. simmer simmer . . .

We had a small drumming group last night, but it was much warmer than last time! I think one of the best things about drumming is that you have to (okay, I have to) listen to the other people and try and blend in with those rhythms. The drum circle is probably the place where I get most intensely listened-to in my whole life, and where I listen the most myself. No matter how little energy I have when I show up, I always seem to leave recharged, smiling, and happy I went.

As I was typing that, coal-black, inky-black, sooty-black Truffles-dog was having a dream. I turned the flash off the camera and snuck a picture of her as her little hairy feet were twitching.


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