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04 May 2006

Green Pi Doily as a Pizza "Pi"

Yesterday you saw the green Pi doily in its "dog's breakfast" form, the caterpillar stage of lace knitting. Here is an intermediate stage, the chrysalis or pizza pan stage:

When I went looking for a plate to block the doily on, our dinner plates were just a touch too small. I stood in the kitchen looking for something big and round to block it on, and thought of our pierced pizza pan. It worked great! The holes are in multiples of 12, so all I had to do was cut a round of cardboard to fit under it, stretch the wet doily out to the matching holes, and pin it with push pins. I carried it out and put it in my hot, closed-up van in the sun, and it dried by the time I left to pick my son up from school.

And here is the butterfly after it broke out of the chrysalis. In the center you can see my attempt at a double-knit-on-two-needles cast-on. Although the very center is not perfectly round, I'm relieved to see that it did not affect the outer rounds. This makes one more ball of crochet thread nearly gone! I had about 4 yards left, which I've used to start another soothing dishcloth.

Meanwhile, I've gone back to the cotton-candy socks. Remember the cotton-candy socks? I made a mistake, not in the knitting, but in knitting too long. I was working on them, and I got a little tired of it, but I kept on knitting.

End result, I got sick of the whole project! Ever do that? Work on something until even the thought of it makes you want to throw it out the window of a moving car?

So I just let them sit until I could stand to pick them up again. They only need about an inch or three more of cuff, then I can bind them off and they're done!

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Blogger tatt3r said...

Your Green Pi Doily is wonderful! I love it. Congratulations on finishing your first Pi!

11:45 AM  

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