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15 September 2006

County Fair Ribbons! :)

First of all, I did finish Pattern 11 "Twin Leaves" from the Sampler M group. Now I am all caught up until Pattern 12 comes out this weekend.

This is a very nice little leaf pattern that works up in only four pattern rows (eight rows total). It looks like something that would be great for a bookmark. And I wonder if I could use it on a doily in the round. Hmmmm. Also, once again the repeats are divided by a purl rib, which helps keep the patterns from curling up. I am really learning a lot from knitting this sampler. I love the way these leaves are drawn narrower at the top of each leaf by short purl ribs.

Since the weekend is going to focus on cutting, drilling, painting and maybe putting together the parts for our son's loft bed, I probably won't get to work on the next pattern until next week.

I am pretty excited! Six ribbons out of six entries! Here are the four that were knitted: on the left, the felted Pi bag with a blue ribbon. On the right, my purple socks with a red ribbon. In the center, on top, the "Sun in Splendor" doily with a blue, and on the bottom, tiny knitted Christmas ornaments with not only a blue ribbon, but a gold state fair ribbon!

(I couldn't get a good picture of the Christmas ornaments, because they were locked in the cage that shows so well in the photo.)

This means that next year (since our fair happens after the state one is over), I could send them on to compete in the state fair.

I feel like I am doing pretty well for a three-year-old knitter!

My husband bought ride wristbands for himself and our son, and they went on carnival rides until they were tired. I went off and looked at sheep, goats, pigs, cattle, horses of all sizes from lovely Percherons to tiny minis, rabbits, all kinds of chickens, and doves.

I bought a piece of homemade pecan pie and a cup of coffee at the 4-H booth and listend to people scream as they rode this ride.

My husband said it looked like fun, but my son said "No way!"

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Blogger Isela said...

Congratulations on all those lovely ribbons! Let us know how you do at the state fair :).

12:16 PM  

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