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12 September 2006

Knitting Two Socks At Once

Knitting two socks at once, on one set of needles, has hit the big time! Knitty.com has a great article by Kory Stamper in the Fall 2006 issue called "2 socks in 1".

If you knit along with us on the double-knitting Yahoo group earlier this year, you can read the article smugly and think, "Already did that!" That makes you a knitting goddess!

This photo shows the toe-up, two socks at once that I knit in February and March of this year. I had already bound off the first cuff, using the tubular bind off, and was halfway through the second one. But I hadn't hidden a couple of ends from the striping yet!

I wore these socks the other day, and after a couple of washes, I think they look better than this photo. They were comfy, too.

I have done some crochet-thread double-knitting since then, and some sock-yarn weight socks, and as I reach the cuff of those socks, I'm considering another pair of socks. Maybe they'll be two at once.

(Actually, I usually knit both socks at once, but not always on the same set of dpns.)

Other News

Last night was the West Michigan Lace Group meeting, and it looks like we will have several volunteers at the Kalamazoo Valley Museum's Festival of Arts in November. Kalamazoo, Michigan, has a parade on the first Saturday of November (the 4th this year), and afterwards from 12 to 4 pm, Michigan artists of all types will share their arts. Last year we had several tatters, a bobbin lacemaker, and a lace knitter.

Museum admission is free. While artists are not allowed to sell their work, they can give out contact information. Last year we saw lots of kids with parents coming through the museum, so this year we will try to provide some kid-proof lace for kids to handle. (Who am I kidding? Sometimes it needs to be adult-proof, too!)

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