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26 August 2006

Knitting, Not Much Blogging

I think I've become a faster knitter. Certainly it doesn't seem like that long since I started these socks, and I'm already about to turn the heel.

Check out the funky random color patterning I'm getting with this yarn! I am knitting from the inside and outside of the ball at once, and getting similar color patterns. That's kind of cool. You can't see the ribbing on the top of the foot, but it's just diagonal ribbing making a point towards the toes.

After I turn the heel, I think I am going to wrap the ribs around the back of the ankle, so they will make a point up the back of the leg. Not that the ribs are going to show with the bright colors!

How about some less-bright colors? But funky patterning, still. This is our crooked hallway, with the tile coming straight out from the dome. It makes the dome look like it is straight and the rest of the house is crooked!

Next step, baseboard molding, or whatever that stuff is called. Meanwhile, we are moving all the computer-y stuff out of the ex-computer room so our son can finally have his own room!


Blogger Beth said...

I'm having an attack of vertigo just looking at that hallway. Might I suggest hand rails and a spitoon at either end? ;)

10:45 AM  

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