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29 August 2006

Socky Wocky

The socks are proceeding apace. Although they are not being knitted at anything like the world speed knitting record, I'm already turning the heels after a week. For me that's a record.

Fastest Knitting Speed = stocking stitch across a row of 60 stitches, using 4mm (UK8) needles and DK yarn, timed for 3 minutes. Highest score so far (2005) is 255 stitches.

I understand that a Dutch knitter has pushed this record to 257 stitches in 3 minutes. And I thought the hand-cranked AutoKnitter at the fiber festival was fast . . .

When I was searching for the world speed knitting record, I found a couple more.

Longest piece of "French knitting" (or spool knitting), 12.26 miles.

Finest recorded knitting, set in 1969, 2,464 stitches per square inch. I wonder what needles and thread Douglas Milne used to knit that. And I wonder how BugKnits compares. Surely at 80 stitches per inch, Althea Merback could match this.


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