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25 September 2006

Weekend Over, Time to Rest?

Friday night I went to my drum circle, and found out that the hosts are very likely moving to Vermont! Boo hoo. It was threatening to rain, so we drummed indoors. It was a good drumming, and every so often the rain joined in. But it's always bittersweet when something like that breaks up.

Saturday I thought my dad was coming down to drop off the rest of the pieces of the loft bed. Instead he showed up with the pieces, tools, and my brother D., and Dad and D. assembled the whole thing!

Do I owe these guys or what?!

It's a heavy-duty bed and a small room, so it was not easy to get a picture. Yes, the walls really are that orange, and my husband and son have mostly-primed the bed white.

I had to lie on my back on the floor to take the picture, and then found my camera batteries were too low to take another picture. So until the "charged" light goes on, I can't add a picture of my almost-finished socks knitted from the Filatura Lanarota "Country Sock" yarn I bought at the Michigan Fiber Festival. I have been trying to Google this yarn with no luck, except finding my own and a couple of other blog posts.

Although the black-purple-red-orange Color 16 is not exactly to my taste, and the yarn has a faint smell of cedar, I do like how it is knitting up, and I can hardly wait to finish and wash the socks and find out how they feel on the foot. Kerry took a very good picture of Color 16 here.

Carla of the Sampler M group was on Dutch television over the weekend, and didn't get to put pattern 13 up so far. I finished pattern 12, which has embossed leaf shapes. Pictures of those will have to wait, also. It's nice to feel I'm ahead on this again, instead of trying to knit two patterns to catch up!

Ajax the Golden Dog had a little excitement yesterday, when all six of the wild turkeys came about ten feet outside of the fenced dog yard. I tried to get a picture, but someone tried to be helpful and let the dog in, and the moving door and running dog spooked them.

It's fall. We've already had our first fire in the soapstone stove, and I seriously need to wire-brush and get some stove black on it. It was chilly out this morning, and it's possible we had a bit of frost. I refilled the bird feeders and the chickadees have been in and out of them. And I took in the hummingbird feeder last Thursday, only to have the hummingbird hover outside the window Friday morning, looking in accusingly as we ate breakfast and she didn't find hers!

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