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07 September 2007

Good Sock, Bad Sock

I knitted these purple socks last summer, but lately I noticed that I was avoiding wearing them. Reason: I ribbed the top of the foot.

What I discovered while wearing them was that the ribs on the foot made the foot just a shade too tight. And since I have a high arch and high instep, my shoes would imprint the image of the ribs on the top of my foot.

They weren't horribly uncomfortable, but they were just uncomfortable enough that I would open my sock drawer and pick a different pair.

Finally I decided enough was enough.

I pulled out the cast-off at the top (they were knitted toe-up) and laddered down to the purl ribs on the foot, then took a crochet hook and knitted up the formerly purled stitches. (I still purled the laddered stitches on the ankle, since the ankle ribbing felt fine.)

"Good Sock," on the left, is already done, and you can see the difference it makes in width across the foot.

"Bad Sock," on the right, has one column laddered down and the first few stitches knitted. After an hour or so of work I should have socks I won't avoid.

The child and I went to the beach again. I checked the Lake Michigan temperatures before we left, because a stiff breeze had been blowing all afternoon, and very often that will bring the cold water up from the depths of the lake.

When I saw that there were 40 degree F. temps south of us, and 70 degree temps at a beach north of us, I decided we would go up there and enjoy the warm water while it lasted.

It's after Labor Day, and we had the beach completely to ourselves. The waves were a little high, so the child dug and built castles on the sand, and I walked up and down and picked up smooth stones.

Gotta enjoy it while it lasts.

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Blogger Bells said...

i'm inclined to agree with you about patterns on the tops of our feet. I love them but I'm not convinced they're effective. Or do you think it's just this particular rib that didn't work in your shoe?

6:03 AM  

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