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01 September 2007

Off to Raise Some Havoc

This past week was the last week before school starts, plus my husband took the whole week off so he could do stuff like stack the firewood he bought and paint the side of the shed. (The shed got painted last fall, but apparently too soon after a rainfall, since it flaked and peeled over the course of the winter.)

And we did a little bit of fun stuff, and I spent the last couple of days with my head in the guts of the washing machine, swearing reciting the Secret Magic Words at it. It looks like fixing it is going to involve spending money on parts. *sigh*

And I know what I did to the timer, but how to undo it? When you take off a part and a mysterious u-shaped metal springy bit falls out of it, that is never a good sign.

Also, I am reminded that actually the first rule of intelligent tinkering is, Disconnect the Power. (Unless there is a pressing reason not to, like checking voltages.) Disconnect the Power. You won't be fixing anything if you've just been electrocuted. (I do this automatically, but members of any society that needs to put "Not for Highway Use" on the side of a wheelbarrow tire probably needs the reminder.)

Today I get some relief, as I am not going to even look at the stupid washing machine. We are going to Havoc in Hastings, a Society for Creative Anachronism event over in Charlton Park. The weather is supposed to be cool and sunny, and I'll be miles away from a not-so-fun repair job.



Blogger Julie said...

Ah, the Secret Magic Words. I like those. You may have noticed. SCARE the machinery into working, that's what I always say. (And don't let the magic blue smoke out.)

I envy you your SCA group - all we've got around here are Civil War re-enactors, and that's way too recent and way too depressing for me. (Not to mention way too controversial, even now, down here.)

11:41 AM  
Blogger amy said...

Enjoy the day! Sorry about the springy thing. I suppose it's actually a necessary part? Or maybe it's like the human appendix, just an extra bit that causes trouble sometimes and the washer can live without it. I hope so, anyway.

12:22 PM  
Anonymous Wendy said...

Did you get to see any of the equestrian activities at Havoc? My friend Sir Pieter told me he was going to be there. I was suppose to be at Middle Kingdom Academy of Defense (MKAoD) this weekend but car problems prevented me from making the trip.
At least I was able to get knitting done this weekend.

8:30 AM  

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