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28 August 2007

The Day was Going Really Well, and Then . . .

I was having one of those days where you get a lot done:

I got a good start knitting on a "leaf" pattern from The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book, First Series.

I ran the dishwasher.

After the sun dried out the morning dew, I mowed the loop path twice around, so I can walk on it without getting claustrophobic.

I somehow managed to twice mow over and once walk through a ground nest full of yellow jackets without noticing them or getting stung.

I pruned back some grapevines and brush that had started to fall over and block the path.

I went back to the house, sweaty and covered with bits of chopped-up grass, had a shower, and started a load of laundry.

I thought after I got the laundry going, I'd see if I could knit the other leaf pattern in The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book, then log on and blog about the two different leaf patterns. Ha ha ha ha ha. The best laid plans of mice and women who knit, don't cha know.

Remember the big fun I had with the front loading washer that would spin but not drain?

That was the easy stuff. Now I have the hard stuff: the front loading washer that drains but won't spin. All the info I've found so far suggests that this is A)BAD and B)EXPENSIVE. Things like the $120+ speed control board, or the timer or the drive motor.

And just to make life really interesting, I seem to have violated The First Rule of Amateur Appliance Repairs, which is "Don't Break Anything That Isn't Already Broken." Somehow I messed up the timer knob, although I know I've taken it off before.

My husband's multi-tester is broken. He took this week off to do around-the-house stuff. I'm blaming this whole mess on him and his machinery jinx.

If I had fixed it, I would tag this post "fixing stuff". But I guess I have to create a new tag: "breaking stuff". DAMN.



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