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04 October 2007

Glad That's Over

Thanks for all the fellow-introvert comments. You can probably guess the relief I'm feeling at having that over and done with!

I'm happy to report that the class went well, and even that archetypical student you always get, the one who says things like, "I just know I can never learn this," did manage to knit a flattened tube on two needles. (She even told me she learned how to see where she had made a mistake -- go, M!)

We have a member who is what I think of as a "real knitter," (as opposed to me, who just learned in the last four years) who was working on a double-knitted hat while I spoke. I was a little nervous about what she would think of my class, but she was really intrigued by the blue waffle scarf and the hat I made using "fake double rake knitting on needles".

I wrote the stitch pattern out for her, and I felt great that someone with so much experience still learned something new from me.

Lazy Photo Post
It's fall, it's cool at night, and what better time for a Dutch oven full of golabkis? (Polish stuffed cabbage rolls)

My husband made these -- all I do is eat them!

(And yes, I too am dismayed by the scary blue color of some of the party toothpicks he used to hold them together!)

How to Eat a Pawpaw

Cut in half across the middle.

Scoop out with sharp spoon.

Put large dark-brown seeds right in mouth and suck the pulp off of them.


Why I Love Ash Trees (and hate the Emerald Ash Borer)
Look at those colors. The outer leaves usually turn the darkest, and the ones towards the trunk that were shaded all summer tend towards yellow. When the sun hits an ash tree in full fall color, it glows from the inside out.

These are the trees my latest socks make me think of.

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Blogger Marguerite said...

Glad but not surprised that your class went well.

Beautiful day today. Gotta get off the computer and get outside some more.

1:35 PM  

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