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31 October 2007


I love Halloween.

Even though I rarely dress up (I guess the Society for Creative Anachronism fulfills my dressing-up urge), even though I'm not a huge fan of Tootsie Rolls, even though I end up with aching legs from walking taking the kid trick-or-treating on the hard pavement.

Yesterday was a day of errands and getting ready for Halloween, a beautiful, sunny, cool Indian-summer day.

I finally took the lawn mower in to be fixed. The way the weather is trending, I'll probably still have to mow once more! In November, by the time we get the mower back.

And I finished the miles of hem on my half-circle costume cloak: let's see, 60-inch radius, the circumference of a circle is 2*Pi*radius, that's almost 16 feet of hemming! Close to a mile, I was sure, by the time I got done with it.

I bought one of those pumpkin-carving kits with the little saws and prickers and patterns several years ago. We've had a spider, a cat, and one year we had Godzilla and a lobster from patterns the child drew himself.

I confess I thought the carving sets were kind of cheating, but I also have to confess they're fun! And hey, using a pricker to mark a pumpkin harks right back to the prick-and-pounce method of historic embroidery.

Then I signed up to bring cookies to the school Halloween party today, so I have to go decorate a couple of batches of brownies that I baked last night.

Last week seemed to be a week of getting behind: my husband got behind in the kitchen, I got behind in the laundry, and when I picked the child up from school, I learned he'd gotten a little behind in his schoolwork. So we all are catching up this week. I probably won't get any knitting time in today!


Blogger Isela: Purling Sprite said...

Happy Hallows eve! :)

I am dressing up today...I am so excited. I still need to put some finishing touches on my costume.

Have a great trick and treats day :)

10:24 AM  
Blogger TinkingBell said...

Have fun with halloween - not much for it here in Australia - but I've always had a sneaking desire to go mad on October 31!

6:47 PM  

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