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19 February 2008


Yes, we had more MORE MORE snow.

Yes, our son had another snow day off from school.

Yes, I knitted socks -- now I have four heels to knit.

Yes, there was baking. (Nigella Lawson's Dense Chocolate Loaf Cake from How to Be a Domestic Goddess.)

Yes, I've already had some.

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Blogger TinkingBell said...

Great looking cake (yummy) - and kudos to you for all the heel math! (Arrggghhh!)
Spring's not that far away, is it?

10:08 PM  
Blogger Rose Red said...


I have to confess, my eyes glazed over with all the heel maths yesterday. I am a bad knitter!

10:11 PM  
Blogger Bells said...

oh that's better. :-)

I'm with RR. Best cake. It never fails. Ok, once it did and I just filled the hole with cream and raspberries. Remember that. It works!

5:32 AM  

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