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15 February 2008

I Love My People

But some days I'd trade 'em for a puppy, if it was a cute enough puppy.

It's sticky enough having both my husband and our son home on a Friday, when my brain believes that they ought to be gone to work and school.

If they're home, the day seems like a Saturday. But it's not Saturday, either. So neither my weekday routine nor my weekend routine quite applies.

Add to that, I have one getting over a cold and the other in the crabby middle of the cold, and I'm looking into trades.

Yesterday I worked on socks. I'm very close to turning the heel on the Jardin socks.

I raked the roof a little, and that was tough. I didn't finish. The wind-blown snow we got while it was really cold packed into very hard, dense drifts on the roof, and the way to rake it down is to chop it into little slices with the roof rake. Hard work. But I've always liked doing real work that actually did something better than aerobics.

I can get into an exercise routine and follow the same one for a long time. But if the whole point is to burn calories and make my heart go, I find it more satisfying to clear the roof than to pedal away on my elliptical.

Today it's feathering down on top of the roof drifts I didn't finish chopping off. I better get out there and clear the rest of the roof edges today and tomorrow, when it's supposed to be around 20 degrees, because Sunday's forecast says,

Rain and snow until midday...then rain in the afternoon. Brisk. Light accumulations possible. Highs in the upper 30s.
Followed by 20 degrees (around -5 C) again on Monday.

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Anonymous Martha in Kansas said...

Trading for a puppy is a good one! There are moments where it would be a great option.

Raking your roof. I just can't fathom how deep it must be.

Someone should invent a roof that shakes itself like a dog. Or has a minor earthquake. Just enough to break it up and get it to sliding.

2:42 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, I definitely understand the occasional desire to swap. Once in a while, I am reduced to threatening to sell my girls on eBay as a matching set -- maybe I could swap for a spinning wheel? (With a dog, two cats, and two guinea pigs, we may have hit pet saturation around here...)

I like Martha's idea of the roof that shakes itself like a dog...

7:20 PM  
Blogger TinkingBell said...

Oh yes - mine for any puppy on a bad day!! I love them to bits but some days........
Re Valentines - Mu hasby is NOT a flower buyer or Valentines guy - one Christmas he bought me a pack of seeds and said 'There. Now you can't say I never buy you flowers!'

9:11 PM  

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