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03 February 2008

Oops. Missed Silent Poetry Reading.

Which is weird, because I have a lunar phase poster from Celestial Products on my refrigerator, and I keep track of solstices and equinoxes and cross-quarter days.

When your daylength varies from fifteen hours and eighteen minutes in high summer to nine hours and four minutes in the dark of the year, in the winter you count every day as you climb the hill to spring again.

Knowing that you're halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox is a useful benchmark.

Here's another interesting datum: from the winter solstice to Groundhog Day, forty-odd days, we gain about an hour of daylight. From Groundhog Day to the spring equinox, we gain another two hours. Same number of days, twice as much light.

Friday has become an odd day now that my husband is working four-tens. He's at home, but our son usually has school. (Miss Fluffy Truffles says, "I don't care what day it is. Wake me when it's supper time.")

(No school Friday, another snow day. Let's see, two days of school last week. Tell me again why I'm not home-schooling him?)

Then I get a weekend like this weekend, where my husband has a Guard drill, and Friday becomes a kind of mini-weekend.

I guess it's not so weird over the last two weeks that I'm confused about what day it is, what with people home from work or school or both. If I didn't have a watch that shows the date, I'd have no idea what day of the week it was.

Sock-finishing day, that's what day it was. I used the whole skein, right to the center, measuring out the last yard and a half for the bind off. Two more finished objects for 2008, still socks. I think I'll have to wear the Chocolate Cherry socks for Valentine's Day.

Maybe the Valdani bag will get on my list today, after I bind off the other sock.

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Blogger Bells said...

Oh yes, it sounds like your body clock is all out of whack, what with all that extra time in a day and everything. ;-)

10:15 PM  

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