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21 January 2008

Our Adventures So Far

Last Friday: Very little snow, but school closed for a Snow Day. Child home. Husband home because of working his 40 hours in four days.

This past weekend: Husband and child home. Weather very cold. We all stay mostly indoors and get cabin-feverish at each other. I knit a couple feet of scarf from recycled yarn and try not to poke anyone with two 5.75mm (old US size 10) 10" dpns.

Saturday I hear a strange noise from my bird feeding area and get up to see a shrike, probably a Northern shrike, mantling like a hawk over some poor little bird in my rose bush. One of those exciting (I'd never seen a shrike before) but chilling moments of birdwatching.

I run for the camera, but I am too slow to get a picture of it before it flies away with its prey.

(The birds in the photo are mostly white-crowned sparrows, with one cardinal hidden by the thorns in the center.)

When the husband goes out to bring in some more firewood, he brings up the mail, and there is something for me from Isela of Purling Sprite:
A signed copy of her book, Learn to Knit Cables on Looms and a Starbucks card! Thanks, Isela!

Today, Monday: Snow, but child in school. Husband home because he works at a National Guard armory, which is closed for the Martin Luther King holiday.

Tuesday and Wednesday: Child in school. (I hope.) Husband at work. (I hope.)

Thursday: School closed while teachers attend mandatory training class. Husband at work.

Friday: School closed, etc. Husband at home, etc.

Saturday: If the weather doesn't get too nuts, I'm planning to drive up to Lansing for Franklin's 1000 Knitters photo shoot at Threadbear. So far the forecast is only "Mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of light snow." (crosses fingers)

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Blogger TinkingBell said...

Oh a knitter in a 1000!! I understand the cabin fever thing - just being home with 2 small children in winter will do it to you!!

3:53 PM  

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