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11 January 2008

End of Year Meme

Here is my take on the "End of Year" meme, with the first sentence from the first post of each month. I first saw it last week at Half Changed World, and meant to do it then, but the best laid plans, y'know.

So here it is now. And I'm hoping maybe Saturday I'll get a chance to show you the beaded button I made.

January -- The Curse of the Two Tablespoons: "Every couple, and every family, has its private words and catch-phrases."

February -- Overcast Days: "Although the snow makes it seem a lot brighter to my eye, my camera says it is too dark and dim to take a good photo of my Sampler M progress."

March -- Thunder Alarm Clock: "There are still several inches of grainy, slushy snow on the ground, but this morning before my alarm clock went off, I was awakened by thunder and lightning and rain."

April -- Double Knitting Knit-Along, Purl-Side-Out Tube: "Cast on as before, for either an open or closed tube, or continue with your original tube."

May -- Outdoor Stuff: "The sky got a little dramatic on me yesterday."

June -- Unusual > Weird > Aggravating: "That was the sequence of my afternoon yesterday: from unusual to weird to aggravating."

July -- Stretchy Sock Ribbing: "Now that's a stretchy sock ribbing."

August -- Unravelling Socks, Off to the Beach: "Instead of knitting yesterday, I spent part of it unravelling and analyzing these socks."

September -- Off to Raise Some Havoc: "This past week was the last week before school starts, plus my husband took the whole week off so he could do stuff like stack the firewood he bought and paint the side of the shed."

October -- Avoidance with Sock Knitting: "You might remember that back in July I mentioned road removal."

November -- Martha Stewart I'm So Not!: "Because somehow I doubt she ever used an MRE hot beverage bag as a frosting bag."

December -- "Bad Dog!" Story and Mitten Progress: "This is Ajax."


Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

What a great meme! Maybe once I've got a year of blogging under my belt, I'll give that one a shot :)

6:06 PM  

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