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02 January 2008

Hit Me Where I Live

Okay, I hardly ever push charities, but this one hits me where I live.

A guy in Maine was walking his dog after dark and a snowmobiler hit both him and his dog. And sped off, leaving his victim with two broken legs, a broken arm and other injuries. The dog's got a broken pelvis, at least.

Dr. Mel is treating Phoebe.

I heard about this via Rabbitch and the Panopticon.

If you are so moved, Dr. Mel has a Paypal donation button at the post above. Any excess funds beyond those used to treat Phoebe's injuries will go into the clinic fund to help some other family in need.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog when I saw a picture of your dog ajax... My dog Maddie is the spittin image. She was rescued in the Chicago area a couple years ago. Perhaps a daughter? This should link to an image in my facebook page if you want a look! :)

10:01 PM  

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