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01 November 2007

Martha Stewart I'm So Not!

Because somehow I doubt she ever used an MRE hot beverage bag as a frosting bag.

(Hot beverage bags come in "Meals, Ready-to-Eat" along with flameless ration heaters. You pour a little water into the ration heater, snuggle your hot beverage bag up next to it filled with drinkable water and instant coffee, tea, or cocoa, and the ration heater heats up. They get hot!

If you took classes at the Michigan Fiber Festival this year and saw a woman heating up her golabki lunch with one of these, she probably was me.)

And although the kids thought eating brownies with faces for Halloween was great, I somehow don't think Martha would claim these guys.

Officially they are "brownies with pumpkin faces." At least that's what I pitched them as.

The kids paraded around the school yard in costume, came indoors for treats, ate, and played a couple of games. Mostly they milled around, talked, and looked at each other's costumes.

I love this costume! Can you see what this boy is in the blurry distance? He's a table-for-one spaghetti dinner, complete with meatball, a drink, and salt and pepper shaker.

Wow, talk about creative.

In the evening, we took our son trick-or-treating with his friend and the friend's mother. It was strange to have it so light outdoors, since we haven't switched back from Daylight Savings Time yet.

We saw a live bat flying around as it got dark, which I thought was really cool for Halloween. Then we got sprinkled on, and saw a beautiful rainbow. I don't think I've ever seen a rainbow while trick-or-treating. Usually it's been dark.

We took the kids home after it started to rain. The child sorted his candy (I got the Tootsie Rolls), and then it was back to working on the homework.

Today I dug up my four-o'clocks roots, then some hops vine roots for Donna Allgaier-Lamberti at White Oak Studio and Gallery.

I usually dig up the four-o'clocks after I notice that frost has killed off the morning glory leaves. Here it is, November 1, and we've finally had a little frost. My tomato plants still have not frozen!

And quick before I forget, take a look at this 1800's knitted dress (anyone want to translate the Danish for me?)

And guess what, Bells? A yarn store near me just started carrying Malabrigo! Doesn't that make the world feel small?

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