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25 January 2008

First Finished Object(s) of 2008

After many months of being picked up and put down, these socks are finally done. This is the one without the knot. I bound off the other one this morning.

That means they're done in time that I can wear them tomorrow, when I drive up to Lansing for Franklin's Bear Shoot at Threadbear Fiber Arts. Not that anyone will see them inside my winter boots.

The yarn was Online Supersocke Highland 838, 420 meters in a 100-gram ball. I used 2.0mm needles (US size 0) and my standard toe-up pattern-less sock pattern.

Which means I swatch a little bit, unravel the swatch, turn the toes, knit the feet until they are long enough, turn the heels, and rib the cuffs. (I like ribbed sock cuffs because after they get over my heel, they're not baggy on my ankle.)

And I guess the Valdani bag has to wait in line and be the second (third?) FO of 2008.

How about some more winter pictures?
A white-crowned sparrow all fluffed up against the cold, maple tree all covered with snow, and a blue jay hammering away at the suet cake.

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Blogger Donna Lee said...

How exciting to be part of the 1,000 knitters. Franklin is coming to our neck of the woods in April and we are all excited here. The socks look great and even if they are hidden in your boots, you will know they are there. I have to resist the urge to lift my pants legs up to show off my socks at work. They already think I am slightly "off".

1:11 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Those turned out beautifully! I can't wait to hear how the Franklin photo shoot goes :)

1:16 PM  

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