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16 February 2008

Mysterious Brilliant Object in Sky

It is so bright outside, my troglodyte eyes water just taking pictures out the window.

I know if I scrape the roof today, the sun is going to melt a lot of the ice right down to the shingles. And then it's supposed to rain, yes, rain, in the night, despite having been a whole 5 degrees F. (-15 C) when I woke up.

The snow is not really that deep on the roof: the danger is ice backing up under the shingles and messing up the roof, getting into the attic and melting in the ceiling drywall.

The geodesic dome part of our house turns out to be mostly self-clearing. All day in the sun, accumulated ice and snow falls off it and goes sliding past the windows. The rest of the house has a mildly-pitched roof, so melting snow runs off, but freezes on the eaves.

If I was building a brand-new house here, I'd either go for a big dome with little domes budding off it like yeast cells, or I'd have a really steeply-pitched roof that would mostly self-clear. But since we've got what we've got, it's aluminum roof-rake for me.

And when I come indoors, I'll have burned off so much rhodopsin that everything will look green. (That's when I completely understand the greeny-purple color of octarine!)

I wanted to show a little sock progress, but it's so bright it either washed out the Fizzy or made the Jardin yarn look black. This is the compromise picture.

By the time I had tinkered with the camera settings enough to get to this one, Ajax had discovered I was not moving and come to be near me and get his big nose in the picture.

This is how big of a dog he is:

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Blogger Marguerite said...

Great picture. Now I will always remember that Ajax is big!

I was hoping the freezing rain was one of the many forecasts where something else happened instead. The National Weather Service is giving it 90% chance of happening, about as high as they care to commit, so tomorrow may be the second week I don't make it to early church.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

Big dog. We are getting ready for more rain tomorrow. Even though it is 30 degrees today, tomorrow will be 50. This has been the strangest winter I can remember and I think I am finally tired of it. Bring on the spring!

5:30 PM  
Blogger TinkingBell said...

What a gorgeous dog - I love big dogs (don't really understand small dogs - think I'd prefer a cat!

6:49 PM  
Blogger Rose Red said...

Has Ajax ever considered sock (or glove) modelling? I think it should happen!!

2:21 AM  
Blogger amy said...

The summer Vaughan was two, at about this point in the year the sun finally peeked out and he asked something along the lines of, "What is that bright light?" It snowed and snowed and snowed that winter. Kind of makes you feel bad for the light-deprived children of the northern latitudes!

I'm with Donna Lee. Bring on spring!!

8:39 AM  

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