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31 August 2008

Holiday Weekend Post

This weekend is the Labor Day holiday in the US, or as we joke here, "The holiday we celebrate by not doing any." Labor, that is. Well, aside from working last night in lieu of Monday night, washing a couple of batches of laundry, and finally getting the new mailbox up on the new post.

Usually we go to the grueling 0.19 K bridgewalk held locally as a spoof of the Mackinac Bridgewalk held up across the straits of Mackinac.

This year my husband's National Guard unit is the one that is going up to be posted on the bridge. You know, to stop people in case they try to put the five-mile-long bridge in their pocket. Or something. So I guess I have to watch the Mackinac bridge webcam and look for him.

I've been knitting rather lazily in the heat and reading library books.

As I was knitting, I remembered that there have been questions on the Ravelry and Yahoo double-knitting groups in the past about what to do at the beginning of a row.

When I double-knit a flat piece, these two pictures show what I do at the edges to lock them together and keep them reasonably neat.

The brown-background side will be at the back as I knit the next row. In the first picture, you can see both strands of yarn, not twisted together, just coming out of the edge of the knitting.

I cross the two and hold the back-side strand (tan arrows) down firmly as I knit the first stitch. The front-side strand goes behind it. As soon as that first stitch is knitted, I pick the back-side strand up and purl it. From then on, I hold both strands in my left hand.

I'm up to his head.

And oh, look! What came in the mailbox.



Blogger Roxie said...

Yourdouble knitting just kicks keester!

9:10 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

My goodness -- that's looking really good! And of course, bargain books just makes it all better :)

4:02 PM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

It looks really difficult but I guess anything is when you start out. Does it get easier?

8:42 PM  
Blogger Geek Knitter said...

Oh, be still my heart... knitting and bargain books! I'd probably melt my Visa!

12:07 AM  

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