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18 September 2007

Chicken Breeds and Other Ramblings

The tag on the chicken cage just said "Polish", but from Googling around, I think those were probably Golden Polish hens at the end of yesterday's post.

I showed that picture to my husband, and his response was "Fraggle Rock chickens!"

We had our annual open-house/camp-out/pig-roast/bonfire thingie this past weekend. It started up the year our son was born, when I was getting too close to my due date to comfortably travel. Instead, my extrovert husband just invited everyone over, and we grilled out, let people camp if they wanted, hung out and talked and ate and so on.

However, our son was born in July, and it's usually hot and often dry in July in Michigan. This put a serious crimp in my husband's beloved fire-making. So eventually we moved the date into September. This weekend it turned so cold (30's and 40's F.) that the fire was welcome, and we had had enough rain the week before to keep it from being too dangerous.

So that's where I was most of the weekend: outside by the firepit, or walking back and forth between the house and the firepit. The cyser (mead made with cider, honey, and yeast) that sat in the house all last winter was bottled and sampled.

And I had the unique experience of having to follow about 200 feet of extension cord out to the very end, where the big 30-cup coffee pot was plugged in outdoors in chilly weather, to get my morning coffee.

Tomorrow I hope to have some actual knitting and netting content, after I wrench myself away from this darn computer.

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Blogger tatt3r said...

I love the chickens! Are you going to show the pictures of the competition at the fair? At least put them on the Yahoo Group? Were there any knitted doilies?

1:10 PM  
Blogger Georgie said...

"Fraggle Rock" chooks! *snort*!!

Your annual event sounds like huge fun. I love a good gathering that lets everyone keep going til they drop, then get up and get started all over again!

7:12 PM  

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