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09 September 2007

Looking for Steve Fossett

I haven't submitted very many hits, because I find on dial-up it generally takes so much time to make 12 cents that I could pick up pennies in the Wal-Mart parking lot and make more money per hour.

But I did sign up for Amazon's "Mechanical Turk" quite a while ago.

The idea is that humans can look at a photo and tell if there is a pizza parlor in it. So Mechanical Turk "hits" have you do things like look at photos and flag them if a certain something is in there.

The Steve Fossett hits pay nothing. There are something like 15,000+ satellite photos, and you look at one and flag it, yes or no, there is or isn't anything of interest in it. The hope is that multiple humans looking at recent satellite photos will cover the hundreds of square miles where he could possibly be.

So I'm off to flag photos until my hour is up.


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