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21 February 2008

Alternate Route

I took an alternate route home this morning after dropping our son off at school.

On the left, you can see that the amazing sun did melt some of the pavement clear. It looks pretty flat, and like we didn't get much snow.

But when we get closer to the tree, it's up almost to the bottom of the "stop ahead" sign. (When I was a kid, these signs said "STOP AHEAD". Now they have a picture of a stop sign and an arrow pointing skyward. If I start trying to interpret what that might possibly mean, I'll never get out of this chair.)

A little closer to the intersection, we're starting to see some snow.

Then I couldn't see out my van window.

Can you see where the snow stops, about two-thirds of the way up?

How about now?

There's a spot on the road my husband takes to work where the drift is about twice the height of my Honda Odyssey. It's small for a minivan, but that's still a lot of snow.

It was also cold this morning, 2 degrees or 5 degrees F (-15 C), depending on which weather station I check.

We were pretty lucky with the weather last night, and managed to see the lunar eclipse just starting, then as a red moon with a brilliant crescent, and then totally red. I didn't take pictures, because we watched it from indoors, through tree branches. The human brain can edit out whole trees, but the camera can't.

Meanwhile, I rearranged the stitches of the Jardin socks for heel knitting, and knitted a whole four rows on each. And that's all the knitting that got done. Today I hope to get far enough to take more pictures.

And now Ajax is teasing (groaning, wuffing, as only a Rhodesian ridgeback mix can) to go outside, which means I better put on my coat and mittens and go see what is so super-interesting when it's so cold out.

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Blogger Donna Lee said...

We are waiting for what could be our first real snowfall. Of course, I could be crushed again and it could be freezing rain. The temp is supposed to hover right around freezing so it's anybody's guess what the weather will be (isn't it always a guess?)

9:29 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Dogs always think it's interesting outside, regardless of temperatures, alas. Stay warm!

4:30 PM  

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