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15 May 2008


But you have to say it in that earnest tone that small children use: "Leeeeafsss". Get your lower teeth right on your lip, "Leeeeeafssss."

Hops, Humulus lupulus.

Columbine, Aquilegia spp.

Lily, Lilium spp.

Strawberry, Fragaria virginiana.

American beech, Fagus grandifolia.

Poison ivy, Toxicodendron radicans.

Lunch, Asparagus officinalis.

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Blogger Bells said...

Oh Alwen. Amazing photos. Just stunningly beautiful!

6:37 PM  
Blogger TinkingBell said...

Not even winter yet and those photots make me long for spring!

6:52 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I like the lunch one best ;) Those are some truly beautiful photos!

7:23 PM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

Beautiful leaffffs! We had some beautiful briday wreath blossoms that I wanted a photo of but the wind/rain of this week took all the blossoms away. Now it's just green. They didn't last long.

7:37 PM  
Blogger Olivia said...

Mmmm, delicious leafs! I must be hungry as I composed this comment in my head even before I got to the tasty looking aspargus. Wonderful photos.

8:30 PM  
Blogger Roxie said...

Lol! Lunch!

Love the music of the latin names. And oh, the dewdrops on the strawberry leaf!

11:25 AM  
Blogger Beth said...

Mmmm, asparagus! Yes, truly spectacular detail you're getting witht these photos. Thanks especially for posting the poison ivy, I may have to print that one for my remedial plant identification training! :-)

1:40 PM  

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