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04 October 2008

I Love Your Blog, Too

Yesterday, Bells let me know she'd given me the "I Love Your Blog" award.

Thanks, Bells! I love your blog, too.

Then although I've been distracted this week, I remembered another blogger, Sharon, gave me the "I (heart) your blog" award. Oops, over a month ago!

Usually the protocol on these awards is that you link back to the person who gave it to you, then you pass it along to other bloggers that you read. I find the linking-back part easy: it's the picking the four or seven or however-many other bloggers to pass it on to that I find so hard.

It brings back those sharp and painful memories of being the last one picked for teams in gym.

Yes, I really was last a lot of the time. I could never shoot a basket or hit the ball, or catch it with anything but my head.

I started thinking about what the blogs I read have in common. I really like bloggers who can write. I like bloggers with a sense of humor. I like pictures and conversations, like Alice in Wonderland.

I like to read about people trying stuff, even when it doesn't work. I like to read about dogs. I like bloggers who are imaginative. I like to learn about the interesting things that people do that I didn't even know existed. I like to read about places that are nowhere near me.

So here are a handful of blogs, not because I don't enjoy any of the rest of them less, just because these are a few I picked out of the overflowing double handful I read.

Raion Taiko
This is a guy from Michigan who is studying taiko drumming in Japan.

Farming in the shade
Lona lives on a small farm north of me.

Fiddle and pins
Did you know Debi Gliori has a blog? (What's a blog award without a little name-dropping?)

And how about The Tsarina Tsays?
It's not often I find a fellow knitter who has even heard of campanology, let alone one who sends me the link to a change-ringing program.

And speaking of awards, I am blogging at the end of a full day at Vineyard Raids V, where I received the Order of the Willow for weaving. I have a beautiful scroll for that, which I'll have to add a photo of when daylight comes back.

Also, it's been a long day, and I am so tired and going to bed.



Anonymous Wendy said...

Congratulations on your Willow.

8:44 AM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

Which woven article did you submit to the competition? What is a willow? I love the name Willow. We have some weeping willows in our neighborhood and I think they are some of my favorite trees. I think we stole the sun because the last few days have been glorious. Sorry about that.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations on all of your awards! They're all well-deserved (I love reading your blog) :)

6:18 PM  
Blogger Bells said...

oh I like how you've linked to different sorts of blogs to what I'd normally read. Excellent!

6:42 PM  

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