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18 November 2008

Real Cold

Our early snow was followed by early winter cold: this morning when we went out the door for school, it was 15 degrees F! That's about -9 C!

I wished I had brought my camera, because all of the little drainage ditches around had hazes of fog over them. When I came home, mysterious little puffs of vapor were coming up out of the ditch next to the road, spaced about every two or three feet apart.

Although it has warmed up by 17 degrees, warm is relative: it just got up to freezing. Now I remember the point of knitting warm things.

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Blogger Rose Red said...

brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Minus 9 degree temps just don't compute with me!!

8:03 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Wow1 You really got hit with winter full force! Maybe I don't envy you your -9 degrees...

8:19 PM  
Blogger Marguerite said...

I didn't realize how cold it was this morning until Pappy tried to levitate all four feet off the snow at the same time.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Roxie said...

You get serious weather up there in the north. BUT, you don't get much in the way of crawly insects. Every cloud comes with silver lining. Stay warm, stay warm, stay warm. Just the thought of sub-freezing temps clenches my sphincters.

(My verification word is axemickl. Sounds like a tool stand for lumberjacks.)

9:03 AM  
Blogger Geek Knitter said...

Nope. That's just too cold, sorry. -9 F indeed, what is this world coming to!

Word verification: witivirm... some kind of articulate worm no doubt!

9:15 AM  
Blogger Donna Lee said...

We suddenly got cold, too, but not quite as cold as you. The knitted things are coming out in force.

The lap blanket looks so cool. I hadn't considered the problems of a circle inside a square until I drew one and saw what you were saying. I am a visual learner. I need to see things on paper.

9:22 AM  

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