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23 November 2005

Thunder Snow !

You gotta love Michigan weather. Here is part of our National Weather Service weather forecast for tonight: "AN ISOLATED THUNDERSTORM WITH HEAVY SNOW POSSIBLE LATE."

And for Thanksgiving, "ISOLATED THUNDERSTORMS WITH HEAVY SNOW POSSIBLE DURING THE MORNING." (The NWS posts their forecasts in uppercase. Just think of it as the thunder.)

I put the round red doily back on two needles to knit the plain rounds and the simple "YO, k5" rounds. Having the front and back layers every other stitch had an unexpected benefit. When I went to knit the "k1, p1" into the double yarnovers, the second half was held back by the back layer. So my double yarnovers came out nice and even. Note to self, remember this for the next time I need to yarnover twice!

Now it is back on four needles to knit the feather-and-fan rows. I am not as thrilled with this 3 YO version of feather & fan as I am with some of the ones with more YO's. And I can see I am going to want a size 2 circular as this continues to grow, or at least a set of longer double-pointed needles.

I think I'll get a set of Susan Bates Silvalumes. The gray size 2 set I am using are cheap Boye needles, and I am really unhappy with how badly the coating on the points is chipping. It wouldn't bother me so much if it was just the color, but the coating is so thick that I can feel where the coating is and isn't with my fingernail, and with the other needle. I have old Boye knitting needles, estate sale needles, that I use and the color doesn't even come off, let alone chip.

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