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26 May 2008

I Know What I Want

For my birthday, or maybe Christmas, depending on how soon they become available:

Mary Frances writes in the Lacis Museum newsletter,
"Lace knitters will be happy to learn that we will soon have a new line of German publications from Verlag fuer die Frau, including two wonderful lace knitting publications, KUNSTSTRICKEN: GROSSE UND KLEINE DECKCHEN and KUNSTSTRICK MUSTER, both of which feature Niebling designs. As you might imagine, I’ll announce their arrival in the newsletter with appropriate fanfare, so stay tuned."

I think my instant response is POUNCE!

If you've never heard of Lacis, they are a shop in California that sells all kinds of obscure tools, books, and materials related to lace and lacemaking, including knitting. Want 6-0 steel dpns, a horn tatting shuttle, or a spool of 100/2 linen thread? Lacis sells them.

If I ever get out to California, that's the first place I'm going.



Blogger Julie said...

Holy crap. I'll start saving now.

And I'm on round 37, you enabler. And planning a giant doily shawl for my MIL's Christmas.

9:51 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

I'll be up in the Bay Area for a week this summer, and I'm hoping I'll finally have time to go there and check it out (someday...). If only I'd been a fiber person when I lived there -- lost opportunities, alas.

10:17 PM  

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