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06 December 2005

Another Snow Fizzle

Yesterday I was at home with a kid with a cough and sniffly nose. Then last night, blogspot wasn't responding. My blog came up blank when it didn't say "Connection refused". I was a little panicked! I hope we are back to normal today.

Anyway, the news of the day has been "Lake Effect Snow". First the National Weather Service was predicting 5 to 7 inches overnight last night. The picture shows how much we have as of 10:30AM EST this morning!

These Lake Michigan webcams show 4 views of Muskegon, MI; Alpena, MI; Milwaukee, MI; Toledo, OH; and the Chicago, IL, skyline from the lake. This is the best way to view them when they are icy! That water is in the 40's, brrrr.

All I knitted yesterday was a couple of rows on my tubular double-knitted socks. They are almost done, and I am already thinking about reversible double-knitted mittens. I have never done reversible double-knitting, let alone in the round. Never handled two yarns at once in my life! So I know I am looking forward to another bout of feeling like I have ten thumbs.

No matter how often I am a beginner at something, it never gets more comfortable. But at least now I know that the feeling of "never going to get it!" does fade, and soon I am wondering what I ever thought was so hard. The "ten thumbs" feeling just has to come first.

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