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02 December 2005

More Socks

I think these are the socks I like best so far. They are knitted of Plymouth Encore Colorspun, in the "Storm" (7991) color. This yarn is 3-ply, and each ply slowly and gradually changes color. You can see on the left sock that the change was not quite gradual enough! I knitted them toe-up, and after I turned the heel, the color change on the left sock was very noticeable.

The thing I like best about them is the fit. I really had to point my toe to get the tiny bunch at the ankle. As I've been knitting socks and learning about how to knit socks, I realized that my socks didn't fall down because the elastic was too loose or the ribbing wasn't tight enough. They get pulled down because I have a big heel, like Cinderella's stepsister, the one who cut her heel off to fit it into the slipper! When the heel cup is too shallow, my heel pulls my socks down.

When I first put these on, they felt weird. I had worn them most of a day before I figured out what the weirdness was: since I usually wear boughten socks, I am usually pulling them up every so often. These felt weird because they just stayed up and stayed up and stayed up.

Living in a rural area, I don't have what you might call a "local" yarn store. Unless you count the yarn section in Wal-Mart, where I feel lucky that they have Lion Brand Wool-Ese! When I drove back the LYS where I bought the Plymouth Encore, *sigh*, they weren't carrying it any more. Now that I've been wearing these, I'd really like a pair in the 7304 blue/gray/purple color. Ooh, and the 7990 mauve/gray/white one is pretty.

PS: Yes, these socks were double-knitted (tubular double-knitting), with a cast-on toe, increased at both sides, knitted to the heel. I made a short-row or hourglass heel on my knitting frame, then picked them back up on needles to knit the ankle ribbing, and cast off at the ankle with a crochet cast-off.

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Blogger Isela said...

The socks are gorgeous. I will look in my LYS for this yarn and let you know :).

2:41 AM  

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