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29 November 2005

Sitting and Knitting

Sometimes I get an idea, knit frantically to get it out of my head, and end up with . . . a little blob of knitting.

I had Lucy Neatby's pattern for a double-knitted tree ornament from the Knit list, and I still think this will be cool in the right fiber. My chosen fiber, DMC metallic thread (that's Article 284, gold, which I don't know if they still make or not) was apparently not the right fiber. I was knitting it on a pair of Dritz long doll needles. It starts with a tiny, 4-stitch tube. NO, I would not knit this if I didn't know how to double-knit! This makes the top of the ornament. Then you increase after every three rows to 8, then 16, then 32 stitches.

My plan was to open it on two needles, stuff it, and knit the bottom, but I FORGOT to stuff it! Forgot. Forgot and closed it up! Now, there is just no way I am undoing this tiny little thing in metallic thread.

So that's the blog, and blob, of the day.

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