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07 December 2005

Seized by yet another project

I was so sure this one was going to work! I started a hat from the top, and it seemed to be working all right. But now I realize I increased too fast, so it won't lie flat at the top. It looks like an unmade bed! Or I should say it looks like a perfectly-made up dog bed, with a rug on it, pawed into what the dog believes are comfy lumps.

Well, that seems to be how my hands learn sometimes, knitting something, frogging it (thank goodness for yarn winders!), trying again, taking notes so I don't have to try the same darn wrong thing twice.

I can't show pictures. If it ever works out, it's supposed to be a surprise!



Blogger Birdsong said...

Your beautiful description of "winning" through the shetland lace workshop brought me here... I love your tussah scarf, and enjoyed your winter descriptions. Nothing like a snowstorm to have the excuse to drop everything else and knit :)

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Iris Armstrong said...

I'd sure be interested in your final pattern for the top down hat. I have been making my own attempt and acchieved the "unmade bed" look too. Sigh. not in a frog mood. but if I do want to give this for Christmas next week...

8:13 PM  

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