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28 November 2007

Fall-Back Socks, Hipster PDA Cards

I resisted for almost six months, but I finally gave in and cast on socks with some yarn I bought back in May.

If I finish these socks before the blue-y/green-y ones, I will have lapped them twice, once with the "Artist Print" socks and once with these.

The color combination is called "Chocolate Cherry" (or something like that), and I really like it. I'm not generally much for browns, but this is such a nice, rich chocolate-y brown. And the red is maraschino-cherry red. (I'll try to avoid drooling on them.)

Maybe I'll have to make a rule that I knit one repeat of the blue/green sock ribbing before I work on the Chocolate Cherry socks.

The other thing I've been doing is printing out 3x5 cards on scratch paper to add to my Hipster PDA. If you don't like to out-click, the Hipster PDA is a stack of 3x5 cards held together with a binder clip, used instead of an electronic organizer like the Palm.

Instead of pecking away at a tiny keyboard, you write with your favorite pencil or glitter-gel pen. Dropping it doesn't hurt it. The batteries never go dead. And then there is the satisfaction of ripping up a card that has every single thing on it crossed out.

I refer to mine as my external brain, and it's full of lists, especially at this time of year. I can't show you a photo of it right now, because I just put the NiMH camera batteries in the charger. (- Charge camera batteries)

The only thing I didn't like was using up index cards. It just seemed so . . . wasteful. So I opened up Microsoft Word, fiddled around with tables, and came up with four 3x5 cards on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper. (Click here to download .PDF blank cards, or here for .PDF blue-line cards.)

They are nowhere near as fancy as John Norris's fancy card set (see the 43 folders page), but now when we get a notice home from school about a bake sale, after the sale is over, if I need more, I print out a sheet of 3x5 cards, cut them out, and add them to my external brain.

It recycles the paper, which is often pretty colors (ooo, shiny!) and gives me an unending source of blank or lined cards for my PDA.

[edited to add a picture of my external brain with translucent hot-pink mechanical pencil]

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Blogger Donna Lee said...

I love the hipster PDA idea. I don't get the whole blackberry thing. I have a notebook at work that goes everywhere with me. I have dropped it many times and it still works! I don't mind being out of touch for periods during the day, in fact I think I like it. Being all accessible is not necessarily a "good thing".

3:01 PM  
Blogger amy said...

Hmm, I'm going to have to check those links. Right now I have lists everywhere...on the backs of receipts, on the kitchen counter, shoved in my back pocket. I used to try to keep them all in one little notebook, but obviously I'm failing. Perhaps I need a hipster PDA too.

3:43 PM  
Blogger TinkingBell said...

That's so cool - my external brain is a small thick spiral bound notebook which serves much the same purpose - I do own a mobile phone which is switched approximately 5 times a year and carried for emergencies - PDA in this house means Pretty Diary Almanac!

5:30 PM  
Blogger tatt3r said...

The hipster would be good for me. I lose my grocery list every week, often before I leave the house!
Sorry to hear about your migraine. Maybe the weather will settle now. It was warm last night when we walked the dog at 11pm. This morning's walk was nasty!

11:40 AM  
Blogger Bells said...

Inspired! I've known for some time that I have to figure something out re remembering things and I didn't know how to do it. I just rely on my brain and that isn't always a good solution. I'm going to explore these options.

My question is though, if it's just rolling around in my handbag, won't it get all bent and dirty and be annoying?

3:35 PM  
Blogger Alwen said...

Somewhere online there's a way to make a duct-tape case for the hipster PDA. Funny!

Mine is backed with a card-stock calendar. When I print a sheet of new 3x5's, I slide them in the bottom. So the oldest ones are always being used up off the top.

I admit, I don't carry a bag. I wear a leather, er, fanny-pack (quit sniggering, you Aussies, that's really what they're called here -- even in the advertising). If I need to carry stuff I have a couple of canvas totes I empty & refill. My "brain" gets tossed in on top.

8:14 PM  

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