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08 December 2005

Another day at home in the snow

Kept the kid and his cough home again today, but I dragged both him and his dad to the Christmas program set up by the music teacher. It was snowing like crazy! The auditorium (okay, we actually borrow the church across the road) was full, so we stood in the back of the auditorium. Kid: "I want to go HOME!" Parents: "When the singing is over."

After the singing was over, I drove into town for gas. Plenty snow coming down, white road, white snow. Handed driver's seat over to husband for trip home. We get behind one of those timid drivers, timid and he's drifting over to the left. Well, the semi truck that is passing us both does not like that maneuver at all!

We did find our driveway, whew.

I couldn't believe some of the songs those kids were supposed to sing. "In a Manger" for 5 through 8-year-olds. Okay, maybe if they are in a music-oriented school. But a tough song for adults to sing well, let alone a handful of kids.

That reminds me, time to break out the ocarinas and pennywhistle and the Christmas carol book! It doesn't feel like Christmas is coming unless I've played "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" and "The Holly and the Ivy".

Postscript, re the tussah silk scarf I knitted for the Shetland Lace workshop:

When the winners' list was posted, I wasn't on it. I was a little disappointed -- I wanted to try some of that Zephyr yarn. But I wrote to the list:

"You know, there have been contests where I felt really sore when I didn't win or place, but this was not one of them.

I have this great, tussah-silk lace scarf that seems like a prize in itself. I can hardly believe I made it. Sometimes when I finish a project, it's a big let-down, not just that I'm finished, but that it isn't quite how I envisioned it. My scarf, especially after blocking, is so much nicer than I envisioned it!

The other prize is the one (I hope) we all got:

The whole *world* of lace knitting is now open to me!"

And I got such sweet comments about that post. But it's true. I wore that scarf to one of the Armory parties, and I felt so dressed up. If I had gotten it in the mail *as* my prize, I would be walking on air. So what difference if I made my own prize? And talk about cool places to wear it, I have a Fiber Arts guild meeting next Wednesday where it will look right at home!



Blogger Isela said...

The scarf is gorgeous :).

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