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09 December 2005

Finally more snow

Isn't that sun beautiful? Or should I say, "The sky is a weird blue color: I think my camera must be acting up, as the sky is normally gray gray gray" ?

We finally got enough snow to close the schools, so I didn't have to worry about whether or not to send our kid to school. It's just a cold, and it does sound a lot better. By Monday he'll be fine, and I can go Christmas-shop!

There was enough snow that I raked the roof to keep ice dams from forming, or at least from getting any bigger. Boy, can I feel that in my neck and shoulders!

Then in the afternoon, I went down and shovelled some of the driveway. Still couldn't get the car all the way up, but at least it is out of the reach of the snow-throw from the county plows.

And I did do a little knitting, starting that hat over again, from the brim instead of the crown. We'll see if this works.

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Blogger SmokyMtGirl said...

What a beautiful scarf -- and so intricate. You have reasons to be proud of yourself and your talent! Thanks for sharing.

8:54 PM  

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