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01 January 2010

2009 Year in Review

The last couple years, I've done a year in review with the first post from the month. This time I thought I'd take either my favorite or a representative post.

January 2009: Catching Up

February 2009: Why I Love it Here. (I snagged this picture from a Lake Michigan webcam that hasn't been updating lately.)

This past winter was so snowy!

March 2009: Stuff I Have Not Shown You

April 2009: The End is Near

May 2009: Dancing Bear Falls Off the Ball
Unfortunately, that was the theme for most of the summer.

June 2009: Aftermath
The June thunderstorms that took down many of our big trees and left us without electricity for almost four days.

July 2009: Stash Enhancement and a Single Perfect Rose
This post title is so characteristic of me, my life, and how my mind works I could almost eat it.

August 2009: Mooshky Madness!

September 2009: A Sampler Post

October 2009: A Puddle of White Lace
(Blogtoberfest made it really hard to choose one post!)

November 2009: Let me 'splain

December 2009: Aliens!



Blogger Donna Lee said...

It's been a long, colorful year. I have enjoyed reading your posts. I always learn something.

Happy New Year! May all of your family stay in the same state (and not get shipped out!)

10:19 PM  
Blogger Knitting Linguist said...

Ooh, so many good posts! I remember lots of those; I so enjoy reading your blog, it's always a treat. Happy new year! (And did you say you're about to have an eleven-year-old in the house? Goes fast, doesn't it...)

11:20 PM  

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